FESTIVAL LAYANG-LAYANG… My first Internatio…

15 06 2006


My first International Kite Festival was in 2001. It was a great experience as I got to learn and to experience a lot of things. Making the kites was a real challenge especially the train kites. We had to make 100 small kites of the same shape and size and tie them together. But.. flying them was the best task. When all of them flew in the air it was such a beautiful sight… if all 100 of them can fly lah… ;-p
Though we had to be under the hot sun for a week,the rewards were priceless. The students really enjoyed themselves playing the kites and meeting kite players from other countries. This is the time for them to practise their English *wink* šŸ™‚ We always come out a champion every year and twice darker than our original colour hahaha…..
Congratulations to all… Abby, Hakimah do your best!!!!
#1. beautiful kites flying in the air.
#2. the students busy making their kites. Hopefully the kites can fly ;-D
#3. the students showing off their creative 3D kites…



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