THE FIRSTBORNS!!!! Teaching a bunch of restl…

15 06 2006


Teaching a bunch of restless and noisy teenagers is not an easy task… especially when u have a class of over 30 boys. What do expect? TOTAL CHAOS!!!!! When u try to tell them the differences between present tense and the past tense at 12.30 in the afternoon u’ll be greeted with sleepy eyes and blank faces. They’ll look at u as if u r talking to them in language from out of space. Well… of course English is a foreign language, but they listen to song and seen movies in English!!!! They can memorize the lyrics of the English songs by heart!!! But when u ask them to memorize a simple text for their essay… NOTHING!!!
Can still remember my first time teaching in class. As I stepped into the class, 40 pairs of male eyes stared at me curiously… I flashed a very sweet smile to them, but… inside I was scared to death hehehe… phew!!!

#1 My first class as a form teacher. 5 KE 3 2000.

#2 & 3 celebrating my …th birthday with them was unforgettable. Please… have some cake!




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