FOR HAPPY LIFE Believe in yourselfBut don’t b…

16 06 2006


Believe in yourself
But don’t be overconfident,
Be satisfied
But know that you can always improve,
Accept love graciously
And always be ready to give more,
Be modest in victory and success
And courages in defeat,
Give more comfort and security to others
And you will always receive it in return,
be glad… just for being
The wonderful person that you are.
Life will always shower you with joys, sorrows and challenges. the best thing for you to do is accept them graciously and always hope that something wonderful will come to you sooner or later. Never let yourself down in any circumstances as it might lead to more unhappy thoughts.
Take life as it is; try new things everyday, smile to yourself and others, smell the flowers in the garden, listen to the sounds around you, look up to the sky and feel the hot sun againts your skin and be thankful that you are alive to live another day…
There’s nothing more precious than having the chance to indulge yourself with the little pleasures life can offer…



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