IT’S THE LAST!!! Another Inter Technic competit…

20 06 2006


Another Inter Technic competition. Just like the previous years, we need to prepare the school debators. It’s not easy, but someone got to do it. searching for debators are not easy, preparing the materials for them is twice difficult and training them is tiresome…

This is the time when the coach would use her colourful language… *wink*

This year it’s in Pontian. Looks like I’ve finally reached all the districts in Johore hehehe… If it’s not for the Inter Technic competition I would’ve never set foot to some of the districts in Johore (though I’m a Johorian myself) *blush*

I hope this is going to be my last year. I don’t think that I could go through it anymore… too tired!

well… kak mas n kak nor. You’ve done such a great job! Congrats!!!
I’ll be praying that next year you guys would scrap off my name from the list, PLEASE!!!!!

#1 The students are practising for the debate.

#2 & 3 Our debators are in action, trying to eat the opponents *wink*




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