The Me…

19 07 2006

The Mechanical Kids

Looking at the photos of these students (KM 1) brought back a lot of memories. They were a bunch of active, naughty, loud but brilliant boys. The girls were always sweet and polite most of the time *wink* They were the best students a teacher could asked for. Good Luck everyone, where ever you guys are…..

The winner is always part of the answer;The loser is always the part of the problem.
The winner always has a program;The loser always has an excuse.
The winner says, “Let me do it for you”;The loser says, “That’s not my job”.
The winner sees an answer for every problem;The loser sees a problem in every answer.
The winner goes through a problem;The loser goes around a problem and never gets to it.
The winner says, “it may be difficult, but it’s possible”;The loser says, “it may be possible, but it’s too difficult”.
The winner makes commitment;The loser makes promises.
The winner knows what to fight for and what to compromise on;The loser compromises on what he shouldn’t and fights for what isn’t worth fighting for.
The winner says: “There ought to be a better way to do it.”The loser says: “That’s the way it’s always done here.”
Quitters never win;Winners never quit.
Follow, lead, or get out of the way.



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