PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE (PART 1) Once upon a tim…

26 07 2006
(PART 1)

Once upon a time
There was a handsome prince named Tuah
And not far a away there was a lovely maiden called Teja
So.. they met
Eye to eye…heart to heart
Tuah : “ I’m in love with you Teja”
Teja : “ I’m in love with you too Tuah”
Tuah : “ So, why wait. Let’s get married”
And so…

“ I hereby accept thee Siti Nurteja bt Zainal
With ringgit 22 and 5o cent cash as dowry
Tuah and Teja are now officially married.
Music and gaiety fills the air,
Until you take my breath away,
May they live happily and peacefully,
A marriage to last eternally.

Time after time, day after day,
Second, minutes, hours, days, months and a year…
Back in the town of Tuah and Teja,
A new chapter is about to begin…

“ Ahh… Ahh”
It’s coming…It’s coming… I can feel it”
“Can you feel it honey?”
“Yes! It’s coming”
“Don’t worry dear, I’ll get you a doctor.
CONGRATULATIONS, you have a boy!

A boy…
A boy for Tuah and Teja and
Oh… What a lovely joy So they called him ROY

Welcome to the world of communication
Please log in your password.
ENTER… Password accepted

A new life in the millennium
Where modern technology vs traditional values
Into information age
Electronic government, intelligent city,
Brainy citizens and not forgotten…
Multi talented teens like
ROY, US, You and I.





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