SCHOOL DAYS I can still remember the time when I w…

4 08 2006

I can still remember the time when I was in secondary school. In form 1 my class was on the top floor of the furthers block of the school. The thought of walking to class from the gate entrance and up those flights of stairs with a bag of heavy books every afternoon was really unbearable. Sometimes my friends and I were almost crawling up the stairs.
When we were up on the top floor, we were just too tired to go down to the canteen for recess or even to the ladies as it is located on the ground floor.

When I was in Form 4 & 5 my class was also on the top floor, but the building was overlooking the school field which was near the school gate. (^-^) It was a great blessing for my friends and I, as we don’t have to rush out just to catch the bus….
The class was always noisy as there were 24 boys and only 2 girls in it. However, those boys were the best! They were always there to help us, girls with almost any thing.

Now, looking at my own students I sort of missed those days where my friends and I would spend our time discussing different things and issues… Arguing and debating with ours teachers during the lessons… asking so many questions to the teachers and each other looking for answers… complaining about small things to the teachers… fighting and arguing in class with the boys over mundane stuff… and a lot more…

I can still remember all my teachers in school… they were the BEST! I remember Some of them for being kind, sweet and caring. I also remember them for being strict and firm.
Now… I am given a really great honor of working with some of my former teachers, and one of them happens to be the Principal in my school…

Now… I know the things that my former teachers felt and experienced when they were teaching their students. And I hope one day some of my students would become a teacher and experience the things I am experiencing now….

# some of my students are enjoying themselves in class (^-^)




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