NUMBERS! NUMBERS! It’s been a while since i wrote…

12 10 2006

It’s been a while since i wrote my last thoughts on things here. Well… what to do? I was busy preparing the accounts of the school cooperative as they are needed to be sent for auditing. Crazy huh! An English language teacher preparing all the needed accounts on her own… I can see numbers in anything, even my sleep. They are practically flying and swimming around me…. I don’t know how I survive this task for the last 3 years as I hated numbers and mathematics. I used to hate maths in school and if I scored an A for it, it was like a miracle. I also used to get less than 15 marks for my additional mathematics.. *sigh* *wink*

Anyway… hi friends, how are you? Hope everyone are happy and cheerful…

Just got these photos. They were taken when we had our mini reunion in April 2006. Though only a few of us can make it,it was fun meeting old friends and catching up on the lastest news or gossips…
Hopefully the plan to have our next reunion in Pangkor will come true….

Shireen, I’m definitely not at the top of the list, like u, I’m single and very much lovin it.
We’ll wait for Shah k! let her be the first to break the cycle hehehe… she’ll kill me if she read this!
sorry Shah… Shireen – ayu but sexy…(^-^)
Shah- chatty and all smiles…
Sue – sweet and cute…
Rizal – what can i say bout him?!!




2 responses

13 10 2006

am happy being single as well! Love the freedom, don’t you? No strings attached!

13 10 2006

definitely 😀 No headaches over ur other half or little ones!

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