IT’S TIME TO FAST!!! Hmm… it’s fasting month. Loo…

13 10 2006

Hmm… it’s fasting month. Looks like I’ll be getting slimmer(my sister prefers to describe me as skinny) this year ;-( hopefully not!

My weight is decreasing each year. Last year I lost 1kg and never gain it back. Others might think losing a kilo in year is nothing but for me it’s a MAJOR thing as I am underweight (that’s what people been telling me, they are right!) I’m not ANEROXIC k! (just in case if u r wondering)
As far as I can remember I’ve been losing weight but never gaining them back… If ever my sister happens to hold my hands, she’ll say that it’s like holding a stick as she can only feel my bone. There’s no extra FAT in me!

I’ve been keeping myself from freezing every day in the staffroom due to the non-existing fat in me.

Since Hari raya is coming, everybody is busy promoting, selling, buying and ordering kuih raya, baju raya, pinggan mangkuk raya and macam-macam lagi…:D
It seems that everyone has a thing to sell… and everyone is eager to buy!
Mmm… I still haven’t get my baju raya. Hopefully I will not get them on raya’s eve! 😦

I wonder…. what will I eat for the breaking of fast today?
A hot creamy mushroom soup with some hot from the oven garlic bread?
A steamy and hot fried noodles with a lot of prawns in it?
A hot and spicy Seafood Tom Yam with kerabu mangga?
A big glass of cold and refreshing pink air sirap bandung?

Well… I’ll just wait and see what my mum cooks. I’ll just enjoy anything she cooks without any complaints… I don’t eat much when breaking my fast, but I do drink plenty of plain water (a good recipe to look young) *wink* *wink*




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