TODAY’S DEAL Yup! Today I had the chance to weigh…

13 10 2006

Yup! Today I had the chance to weigh myself and I lost a kilo. NO!!!!
If this continues I’ll definitely look like a moving skeleton, Freaky huh! *shivers*
Hopefully after Hari Raya I’ll be able to gain my weight back, at least a kilo.

Well… let’s see what’s new today?

I was supposed to go to the bank after work and pay my car loan, but I managed to make myself sleep through the day and woke up just in time for the bank to close. Guess I’ll just do it next week.

I went through my photo albums and down the memory lane…

The photos were taken when we lepak at the Merdeka Square after our final exam. We spent the whole day going around KL. Shopping, eating and having LOTS of fun that day.

I have lots of sweet memories with my friends in UM when we were in our Pre-Esl and TESL years. Those were the best days of my life. We used to have a lot of funs doing stuffs together. We spent a lot of time lepaking at the faculty’s stairs chatting, gossiping, doing our assignments, observing people passed by and …

Wonder what u guys r doing right now?

I guess the married ones r busy entertaining the family and the SINGLE ones (like me!) are really enjoying life and spending our hard earned money :p

Thinking of staying up late tonight, watch some movies or surf the net or something… don’t have to wake up early for work tomorrow, I’ll just indulge myself with extra sleep (if my mum allows it!)




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