JOY OF LIFE The sun is careering in glory and mig…

15 10 2006

The sun is careering in glory and might
Mid the deep blue sky and the clouds so bright;
The billow is tossing its foams on high,
And the summer breezes go lightly by;
The air and the water dance, glitter and play-
And why should not I be as merry as they?

The linnet is singing the wild wood through,
The fawn’s bounding footsteps skim over the dew,
The butterfly flits round the blossoming tree,
And the cowslip and bluebell are bent by the bee:
All the creatures that dwell in the forests are gay,
And why should not I be as merry as they?

Mary Russel Mitord

I baked some kuih raya today hehehe…. It was my first attempt baking a pineapple tart. Fortunately everything went well and my kuih was perfectly done! Of course I got a lot of help from my kakak angkat. Terima Kasih kak 😀

I also sow my room’s curtains. I really hate sewing coz it needs a lot of patience to finish a piece, and I don’t have a lot of it when it comes to sewing. Luckily I used an electric sewing machine *sigh* thanks to my elder sister.

Saturday, I was involuntarily forced to redecorate all the three rooms at home by my sister. A back – breaking task especially when u r fasting!!!! We felt into a deep slumber after we’ve finished ZZZZZZ…..

Tomorrow is school day! Ooo… I’m having some of those monday blues symptoms already. Not to worry it’s only for a week, then yahoo!!!!!!! a week break! Finally… I’ll have that much needed rest and sleep. Can’t wait.




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