WHAT A BLOG! Having this blog is simply a way of…

16 10 2006

Having this blog is simply a way of expressing my thoughts freely. It’s just for fun after a hard day at work. Writing a story or simple thoughts of the day. Sharing some interesting facts or photos. I’ve just changed my blog address so that I can still stay invisible to those who know me. I am also still trying to update my blog as frequently as I can. But… after a tiring day, your brain can just refuse to function. There are incidents where I sat in front of the computer and my mind just blocked. Can’t think of what to write. So… I was left staring at the screen for almost half an hour with a blank page!

Last night I actually fell asleep while updating this blog. The computer was one and I was still online. I started at 9.30 and did not know when I fell into a deep slumber. (That’s show how tired I was) Luckily I woke up at 2.45 a.m. and realized it. My eyes might pop-out if I get the internet bill this month *sigh*

My friend, redenclave is a little worried that she had been found out by me after she had successfully made herself invisible to her close friends for the past 2 years. But it was a pure coincident dear. Let’s keep our secrets together K 😀

Well… today, there’s going to be a breaking of fast at the school hostel. I almost forget it. Since I had signed a survey agreeing to attend it, I better show myself at the majlis. Can’t make people wonder why I did not turn up. And can’t bear thinking about all those delicious food put to waste. Heard that we’ll be having nasi beriayani, YUMMY! I’ll do the disappearing act after devouring all the food hehehe…
I’ve asked those who agreed to attend last week, but they are not going to turn up tonight. Guess they’re too tired coz we go back at 4 p.m. today. Well… less people means more food ^_^




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