A SWEET STORY OF SINCERETY Someone forwarded thi…

17 10 2006

Someone forwarded this sweet and touching story to me through e-mail. I want to share it with others as I really think it carries a deep sense of values and love. Maybe after reading it we can learn invaluable lesson. Here is the story…

Once, there used to be a young man who loves to spend his time at the library and read books and novels. One day, while reading a novel, he found a girl’s name and address written on a page of the novel. Written there… “Catrina… lonely and need a friend”

The man was touched and decided to write a letter to the girl. He wrote a letter stating that he wanted to be friends with her. A few days went by, and he received a reply from her. She agreed to be his friend.

Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. Their friendship developed into something deeper. They had fallen in love. However, the two of them had never met. The young man really wanted to meet her. She felt the same too. Though they had never met each other, their love was so strong.

One day, the young man was called to battle to protect his country. He was worried that we would never have the chance to meet the girl. He wrote a letter telling her, “If we are really meant to be together and you still loves me, we will meet at the railway station where you live on the day the war is declared ended. I’ll be wearing my army uniform and holding a red rose. I’ll know you if you are holding a red rose too. Then, please let me take you to dinner and home to meet my parents.”

The young man left for war….

A few months later…

On the day the war was declared ended, the man went to the railway station where the girl lives holding a red rose in his hand. He looked at a girl after another whether she is holding a rose.

Suddenly, he saw a plump girl sitting on a wheelchair searching for someone around her. She had lost one of her arms and legs. She was holding a red rose in her good hand. He was surprised… but he braved himself and approached her.

“Catrina?” The girl turned to him and smiled. The young man handed the red rose to her and said, “I really missed you. Please accept this flower and my invitation to dinner. My parents are eager to meet you.” And kissed both her hands.
The girl said, “I don’t know what is happening, but a pretty lady gave me this flower just know. If you ask me to dinner and meet your parents, She told me to tell you she is waiting at a nearby café.”

How many people have a sincere heart like this young man? He looked at something deeper which is not the girl’s physical appearance but her HEART. He kept his promised and held on to his LOVE though at first he thought that the handicapped girl was Catrina.

Are men like him still exist in this world??? Accepting everything the way it is… with the purest and sincerest HEART???




3 responses

24 06 2010
touched...wish i can be like that young man

pls suggest some more of such stories

7 09 2010

it is really heartening to read this
what a incidence
i wish i had 10% of this sincereity

4 09 2011

The whole story swept my heart up to alot of mix feelings.I’m both excited and sober. What a heart touching story!

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