HAPPY NEWSYesterday, I was beaming with smiles whe…

20 10 2006

Yesterday, I was beaming with smiles when I read my favourite magazine, Galaxie. It seems that my 2 favourite South Indian actors finally tied the knots. It was unbelievable. I do watch Tamil movies once a while OK. Some of the movies are really good compared to bollywood movies which usually revolves around sad love, unrequitted love, sacrificing love … The same old thing if u know what I mean…
Well… I don’t read or undertand Tamil, so… I never knew that people have been speculating on their relationships for the past years. All I know is that, whenever I watched them together in movies, they really made a very compatible couple on screen. That’s why I always hope they would end up together in real life. And they do! They are so sweet together *sigh* ^_^ Hope their marriage will last for a very long time.




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