LET’S RAYA Well it’s still Syawal month and there…

1 11 2006

Well it’s still Syawal month and there is still enough time to visit friends’ house. for the next 2 weeks I’ll try 2 fill my weekends by going to a few friends’ house for a visit and of course the FOOD! I’ll visit them at night if I have 2 *wink* I’m still thinking whether I should have an open house this year. When should I do it? What should I cook? Well… I’ll just wait and see… If I have the mood for it, I’ll invite a few friends over to the house. Those who are not invited don’t be sad ok… Maybe next time you’ll be invited ^_^




3 responses

1 11 2006

I’ve some suggestions! u can cook mee bandung,mee rebus jawa,or juz mi hun,hehe! dont forget to invite me, occay.

3 11 2006

mee, mee, mee, mee n mee everywhere in this festive…. bad for health.. u can cook nasi baryani, soup or BBQ… ohhhh

4 11 2006

true… it seems that everyone prefer to prepare mee for the guests. Maybe it’s easier and faster 2 cook

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