BEING 30!!! When u reached the age of 30 what do u…

4 11 2006
BEING 30!!!

When u reached the age of 30 what do u think of? Do u look back and wonder about the things u’ve done and yet 2 fulfill? So… what r ur great achievements so far? What have u done when u were still in the 20s ( the zone where u r still considered YOUNG!?) Were they satisfying and fulfilling? Are u going 2 miss ur younger days??? Age r just numbers! What’s important is what u feel deep down in ur heart. I’m 30! And… I’m proud of my age. It shows my maturity and the experience I’ve gained in life. I would never wish 2 go back as I think what I’ve been through so far were the greatest days… weeks… months… and years… of my life. I’m always looking forward to what’ll happen in the future. It’s no use muddling and regretting the past!!! Being 30 is like stepping into a new world. A world of the 30s where u’ll get new and more exciting adventure in life.

At 30, do u think u’ve got most of the things listed below? If u do, then u’ve definitely achieved some of the great things in life.
1. Career (a great job that u love or sometimes hate…)
2. Cash (ur own money which u can spend on a shopping spree whenever u like… *wink*)
3. Car (nothing expensive. A modest, little thing that protects u from rains will do…)
4. Condominium (not restricted to condos only. Any house is better than not having one)
5. Communication aid (better known as mobile phone… the latest and most trendy ones…)
6. Computer (it’ll help 2 have 1 as u can spend time on the net as frequently as u want!)



3 responses

14 11 2006
red_enclave: From Behind Closed Doors

except number 5. But am saving some money to build a new home. when will that be. ah dreams!

15 11 2006

may b u need one more `C’my friend…& greatful to ALLAH is the best way of life..

20 11 2006

those things r just a part of my so called list, anonymous. U can always add more 2 urs
Hmm… when ur dream comes true, don’t 4get 2 invite me over Red…

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