IT’S HOLIDAYS… What r the things people normall…

6 11 2006

What r the things people normally do during holidays? Go for a nice and relaxing vacation with family? Stay at home and get that much needed sleep and rest? Meet friends and waste the night away together? Continue working at home though u r suppose to take a break?
Well… it’s up to the individuals as to how they should fill the holidays. Spending some money taking the family for a trip to a nice and relaxing spot is ok. U don’t need to go abroad to enjoy the breeze and the sun (if u can’t afford to…)
I hope those who rtaking a little break from work this November and the coming December will enjoy themselves. Have a great hoilidays guys…




2 responses

14 11 2006
red_enclave: From Behind Closed Doors

I’ll be working my butt off this whole 2 months. pity me. when are you guys coming over, save me from all the workload!

uyean nak kahwin dah, you bila lagi?

20 11 2006

May be i’ll wait 4 shah or u kahwin dulu. I was surprised that she’s getting married. Mana nak sangka Uyean yg blh tahan brutalnye nak kahwin dah…

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