A SURPRISE!! I do get the most unexpected surprise…

20 11 2006

I do get the most unexpected surprise in my life when I heard a friend of mine is getting married. I keep on telling myself that Uyean is getting married 4 days. After it registered in my mind I was excited and eager to attend the wedding. Can’t imagine her in a bridal finery… Back in campus, she was always in jeans, shirts or t-shirts. She was a bit tomboyish and ‘brutal’, she seemed not to be interested in matter of the heart. I will definitely go to her wedding! This is a chance of a lifetime to see her sits quietly on the dais and smiles coyly to all the guests present ^_^ (If she is going to have ‘bersanding”)

I also heard news from a long lost friend of mine in Sarawak. She’s a doctor now. It’s been almost 10 years… I’ve lost contact of her since she changed her numbers. She told me another friend ,who is also a doctor is getting married. Well… well… looks like one by one… my friends are leaving their single life…

Shah… Looks like Uyean had broken the chain.
Wonder who’s going to follow her step next
Red… will u be next? Come down South n we’ll go to uyean’s wedding 2gether
Well… I’m still looking K




One response

24 11 2006

I am just enjoying myself people watching. Am not serious enough about married life. I too had a shock of my life when Uyean text me a few days ago asking for my home address. She did mention earlier that she was seeing someone. I was not surprise as she is a beautiful lady although the rocky type! Haha, very unique, a diamond in the rough.


p/s check your mail

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