IT’S OK 2 FALL… ‘It’s Okay to Fall in Love’, s…

24 11 2006


‘It’s Okay to Fall in Love’, simple to be understood but very difficult to be interpreted.
Love comes from the soul. Love can give peace, serenity and tranquility. Love is can give us luxury and comfort in the heart and life. Love can be seen as light. It brightens our life day and night.

How do we define the meaning of love?

Many people who meet, are attracted to each other and fall in love, but not all live happily ever after. Why?
Is it because they are confused of what is the real meaning of love.

1. love our god. We must love our merciful god as he bestows upon us the chance to live and breathe in this world.
2. love our life. Life is a responsibility that must be appreciated by everybody. We are responsible with what happens to our life.
3. love others. Love is a part of our nature. love is infinite. there will always be more space in our heart to love. We’ll always be happy when we give and receive love.

When you love someone, you will value that person highly. You will also place her or his well-being as your highest priority.

Is there such thing called true love? Is there love at a first sight?

Is it true , when you give love, you experienced strength, joy and aliveness?

Those who give their love are bestowing others the most precious gift they have to offer; their joys, their understanding and their love for life. To them, these things are more valuable than money, yet they are willing to give them freely.

Love is beautiful. By giving love, they enrich other’s life with the same joy, aliveness and understanding. So, by giving love, people automatically receive love in return, though at times they give it unintentionally.
As Nat King Cole said” The greatest thing we ever learn is to love and give love in return”

From the moment we are born, nature provides us with the security of a mother’s love. Without that love, it would be difficult to survive. A mother’s love is synonymous with care, protection and nurturing. Our relationship with ‘mother’ represented our perception of love. As we progressed in life we learned that love means taking care of our own well-being.

Love spreads to others in a healthy way. It is like the knowledge that teachers share with their students. At the end of the class, the teacher retains the knowledge and the students gain knowledge. Love is like the teacher’s knowledge, where it should be shared, not given at one’s own expenses. The more you share love, the more love you will get.

Your life today is not a dress rehearsal of another life you will have later. Live it with a lot of love!


– staying together no matter what
– having someone to talk to
– not eating alone at night
– having a shoulder to cry on
– always beautiful
– a hot chocolate in winter
– always warm and fuzzy
– infinite
– colourful rainbow in the sky
– a deep blue ocean
– beautiful songs to the ears
– a hard solid rock
– diamond which cuts through glasses
– the waves
– millions of stars shining at night
– sharing yourself with others
– not thinking of yourself all the time
– feeling the pain which is not yours
– a smile that touches the heart
– waking up with someone next to you
– worrying about every little things
– like a warm blanket
– hot and spicy
– cold and freezing
– being sexy…

and the list goes on….

What can I say?
It’s definitely OK to FALL in LOVE




One response

2 12 2006

Love is a feeling of touching heart of each other.It cannot be explain in words but u can say when u feel another pain in ur heart u r in love……love is belongings to everyone & OK to FALL in LOVE “~”

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