A VERY QUICK TRIP After 6 months of resisting Kl t…

25 11 2006

After 6 months of resisting Kl traffics, finally I’m back on KL roads. It feels good as i didn’t get stuck in any jams. But… it was the quickest trip to KL ever. Thanks to dad and his mood swing! (If he’s in KL he’ll have a terrible mood swing) Maybe because we did get stuck in traffic at the Pedas-Linggi highway, for less than 5 minutes ( they closed 2 lanes out of 3). But dad’s mood changed on the spot! Instead of sleeping over for a night (that was the original plan), he insisted of going back in the afternoon. We went to Kl to visit mum’s brother. My hope to enjoy a shopping spree in Jalan Tuanku and Mydin was crushed!
As mum and Dad went to TTDI (Abang took over the task of being their chauffer) I played a while with my 9 months niece and slept for an hour (I was woken up at 5.30 a.m and departed to KL at 6.15 a.m).
Back from TTDI, dad was anxious to get back home and mum was reluctant to leave. She wanted to spend more time with Nana, Wafiy and baby Sarah. Me??? I just refused to get involve in their silent war.

The Result!?

We were back south at 6.00 p.m. Dad drove all the way back and I slept at the back ^_^




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