FINALLY… SHE’S A BRIDE December is here. Decemb…

1 12 2006

December is here. December is filled with great anticipation 4 our family. We’re expanding *wink* we’ll officially get a new member in the family on the 16th. My sis is getting married. Finally!! the path 2 marriage is cleared 4 me. (We believe it’s not good 2 get married before ur elder sister) hahaha… as if I’m going 2 jump into marriage straight away. I can’t use her as an excuse of not getting married anymore. I’ll just let my dear relatives shower me with the milion dollar question, “When R U getting Married?”
My answer will always be the same,”let’s wait 4 another 2 years”

So far everything is going just as planned. Hopefully things will sail smoothly during the wedding. Wish the 2 of U a great and Happy marriage.

Jaja – Congratulations on ur wedding. sorry can’t make it 2 ur wedding. My sis is getting married on the same day.

Uyean – Congratulations. I’m very happy 4 u.




3 responses

2 12 2006

one more simple question..when are u getting married?

2 12 2006

my answer is still d same…

30 12 2006

ha? ha?
sapa yg kawin?
who’s gettin married?

-brother in law-

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