21 12 2006


It was a shocked to people in Segamat as we are suddenly facing the worst flood ever since 1950s. The water level rose within 2 hours in most residential areas near town causing many to be evacuated. The new town centre is also badly flooded where all the 4 major shopping centres were affected. Water rose submerging both bridges in Segamat. Unexpected places were flooded in just a couple of hours, Leaving the residents hopeless as they are not prepared for it. Most wre unable to save their belongings as the water rose unexpectedly. All route out of the town are cut off. People here are unable to go out. Most are stranded because they can’t go home or out. People in Segamat Baru and Bandar Putra are also cut off from the outside world as both route to KL and JB are badly flooded. Hopefully the food supply here will be enough until the water level subsided.




7 responses

10 05 2007

this is really bad!!!!!!!!!those people our probally sad for losing all their stuff

2 01 2009
Jo Christine

This is soo sad. we dont even know if there will be a flood in 3 dayz or somthin.

2 01 2009
Jo Christine


2 01 2009
Jo Christine

my pic is sooo ugly

6 10 2009

thats sooooooo bad

21 04 2010

im sure they are just happy 2 be alive

1 05 2012

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