28 12 2006


There were many things had been done and still needed to be done till the end of the year. The lists seems to be endless. I was busy with the so called ‘big project’ since the starting of the month and still struggling to complete it as it needed to be ‘closed’ at the end of the year. I was also busy planning, organizing, preparing and making sure my beloved sister’s wedding sail smoothly without a hitch (It was not an easy task as she is a very sensitive and demanding lady ^_^ sorry kak!) During the wedding itself I was running here and there settling any matters needed to be settled (be it trivial or serious).
Then… there’s a matter the great big flood which hit the town unexpectedly. I was almost stranded at the other side of town, but luckily my sister was there. So we went through the rising water (which scared me silly as I can feel the water against the Kembara’s door) We were surrounded by water which almost submerged the tyres. Alhamdulillah… we got to the other side safely. However we were stranded in the middle for three days as the town was badly flooded.
Then… there’s a matter of finding our way out to KL as there was going to be a wedding reception for my sister at the groom’s house. It semed hopeless for us as all the way out were cut off. After sending dozens of sms around to friends asking for clear route to Kl we managed to find a way out. We went to KL via the Segamat -Kuantan, Bahau – Seremban, Senawang – KL route. It took us almost 6 hours to reach my brother’s house in Cheras (Normally it takes only 3 hours) it’s like a trip from the south up north. After enjoying ourselves in KL, again dozens of sms were sent to find a clear way back to Segamat.
Then… there’s a meeting needed to be attended. Once I went around town, the place looked as if it was strucked by a minor tsunami. There were debris and rubbish all over town. The buildings and roads were also damaged. Cars were lining up outside workshops waiting for their turn to be repaired (they were ‘drowned’ in the flood *wink*)
And finally I got the big prize…
I was down with fever for 2 days. I kept on vommitting for the whole night. Due to that I had no chance to revise for my so called ‘exam’. I went into the exam hall, answered all the questions, went out and hope for the best.

* check out more photos of flood in Segamat in the link.




4 responses

30 12 2006

ei kak cik

ni nak comment sikit

Kembara ada sebut, banjir ada sebut, air naik dalam dua jam pun you ada sebut…

Where was your SUPER BROTHER-IN-LAW in all this heroic rescuing activity?

Ni nak marah ni… hehehehe

30 12 2006

oi adikku..

tahun ni aku tak balik raya aji dgn ko….

sebab ko tak sebut pasal laki aku dalam KEMBARA tu…


30 12 2006

nak burger burger burger burger burger burger burger burger

30 12 2006

ala… sori ar bang x sengaja… saje xnak bg awak 2 glamer. Burger xde, gerainye karam dlm banjir


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