30 12 2006


Hahaha… it seemed that my brand new bro-in-law is a bit unhappy i did not mention him in my flood story (read his comment if u don’t believe me ^_^) just kidding. well… actually he was the one who had all the guts to drive the Kembara through the water while my sister prayed all the way. She prayed really hard and LOUD! hahaha… I was busy typing sms on my phone *wink* Thanks Abang Ngah… So now everyone knows u really are a SUPER-HEROIC-BROTHER-IN-LAW who came to my rescue during the flood… Just like Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers

Hei Red, Stop with all those shoppings already… I’m afraid that U and shah will end up buying the whole KLCC! Have u finished the project?

p/s : that’s my SHBIL with my dear sis… cute couple huh!




2 responses

31 12 2006

Eh eh…

Anak sapa lah yang ensem sgt pakai songket merah tuh…

Tq tq. Haa… baru betul. Baru complete the story.

Annoy-nee-must. SHBIL

3 01 2007

ye la… nanti org tampal ur gambar ensem byk2 kat dlm blog ni

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