11 01 2007


It’s still raining today! People are getting worried. Thinking of the possibility of another flood shivers me. I pray that another incident of 19th Dec 06 would not befall upon us. The victims are still in the process of picking up the pieces of their lives washed away by the flood. If they have to face it again, it would definitely be a nightmare.

I had the opportunity to watch some videos on the flood tragedy yesterday. It was devastating to see the town in such state. Water was everywhere almost drowning half of the town. The strong current showed no mercy, and washed away anything in its path. Buildings, cars and even lorries and buses became the victims.

I had been a ‘semi prisoner’ inside the house for days. The routine so far is going out to work at 7.am and back inside the house at 2pm. Any desire to go out had been washed away by the rain. The idea of covering myself with a thick blanket on the soft bed is more welcoming in this weather.




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