14 02 2007


I’ve not been updating my blog for almost a month now. I’ve been quite busy with work that I just can’t find the time to scribble anything here. I was just too tired to go online.Well… after 3 years of resting and avoiding to be involved in the International Kite Festival, 2007 is the year for my comeback. I’ve just got back from Pasir Gudang last monday after a week of exposing myself to the hot sun. The result; I’m a little dark than usual hahaha….

I was so free and relaxed that I did not actually mind getting involved in the festival from the beginning till the end. The students and I spent 2 weeks preparing and making all sorts of kites for the festival.

This is a good year for a comeback,if I may say so… WHY???
It’s because the activities this year were not as hectic as the previous years. The previous years, we had stay up late at night until 1 or 2 in the morning to make repairs or adjustments to the kites. The whole week was filled with competitions that we had to camp at the field from morning to 6.00 in the afternoon. However, this year the competitions for the school level was only until thursday. Therefore the students had a lot of free time that the girls spent most of the time sleeping in the air-conditioned room.

I’m glad that they really enjoyed themselves there. The boys were reluctant to leave and wished they could stay there and do not have to go back to school…

The similarities that all of us share was we got a little darker due to the hot sun hahaha…




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15 02 2007

Haaaa…. ilang phone ehh…..

Tak nak bagitau ayah ehhh……

Kasi saya RM600 utk tutup mulut…

Abg Ipar

16 02 2007

me too
But I wasn’t at the kite festival, was involved with the aquatic competition, so I’ve been lazing by the pool for 3 whole days! I too have a darker skin tone now!

26 02 2007

ala… bang… kasi taule.. x takut. org dah inform ayah pun ^_^

1 03 2007
Troy Gunn

I was at the kite festival to all week. I was one of the invited guest from USA. I performed for the Sultan of Johor the last day of the festival, flying two stunt kites at the same time by myself.

I saw the kids kites and they were fantastic and very creative!

This was my 4th year in a row to be an invited kite flyer to Pasir Gudang International Kite Festival. I enjoy the Malaysian people, the food, and the beautiful country!


Troy Gunn – USA

6 03 2007

I’m glad that you enjoyed yourself in Pasir Gudang. Thanks for writing your comment here.

I loved watching all the different kites brought by the international kite flyers. The stunt kites always fascinate me. It seems very easy when someone else is handling them. Never tried it myself.

24 06 2007

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