23 02 2007


Well, I spent the chinese new year holidays in KL with my 2 good friends, Shah & Red. I spent 2 nights at Shah’s place. Sunday night, we went out to JJ Maluri and had a great and quite an expensive dinner ^_^

On Monday, Shah & I went around KL via the Rapid bus. We only paid RM3 and managed to go to places like Sogo, Jalan TAR, KL central, Jusco and had a free bus tour to Taman Desa hahaha… actually we wanted to go to Mid Valley but the bus we took did not stop there. It did passed by Mid Valley but we need to walk there for at least a km. So… we decided to stay put on the bus and got down right where we took it… KL Central *sigh*

We did not buy things but we seemed to be eating a lot. We had our breakfast and dinner at KL Central and our lunch at Sogo.

On Tuesday, Shah, Red and I went to KLCC window shopping. We had pizza and also celebrate Red’s ?th birthday ^_^

Happy Birthday 2 u…

Happy Birthday 2 u…

Happy Birthday 2 *******…

Happy birthday 2 u…

Luckily the pizza’s staff didn’t celebrate it too…

Then, we went off to 1 Utama and watched a movie, Mr & Mrs Norbitt. Shah had been craving to watch it for weeks. The 2 of them did enjoy the movie, I guess. Me? hahaha… I was trying my best not to fall asleep. I almost nod off even before it started.

Well… at least we had the chance to unwind together after all the hard work.

Can’t wait for the school break, maybe we can do other things…




2 responses

24 02 2007


ahh..we should meet up in 2 weeks time. gime a holler…

movie.. not my type…but at least i could laugh my head off…get all the tensed feelings out of my body..mana taknya…kena hantar ass on thursday!


24 02 2007

okay la tu… don’t worry, we’ll watch ur type of movie next time.i’ll be spending the school break in KL

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