What a break!!!

22 03 2007

i’ve been looking forward to relax and enjoy myself during the school holidays. Unfortunately something else came up. My younger sister was hospitalised due to high fever and viral fever. She was admitted on friday 9th March. My elder sister was there to be with adik while waiting for my parents and I came. My elder sister was not fit herself. She was busy fighting her morning sickness which is occuring all day long. Poor Akak! She slept more than adik at the hospital *sigh* 

My parents and I went to KL on Saturday night after dad had settled his ‘work’. Took my friend, Shah with me as she was unwell too. arrived in Kl at 1 a.m

I spent 3 nights sleeping on the chair at the hospital. Luckily adik was admitted in a single room. It’s like a hotel room but for SICK people ^_^  Her temperature kept on going up and down. She did 2 blood tests. Thank god it was not dengue fever. It was mentally tiring taking care of a sick person who spent most of her time sleeping. I was left with nothing to do and no one to talk to!

Finally, after 6 days in the hospital adik was discharged. No more sleepless night on a chair. I can pass the responsibilty of taking care of adik to mum.

I got the chance to have a day out with Shah. Actually we wanted to go to Kotaraya, but we took the wrong bus and ended up at KLCC. We just did whatever come to mind. We had lunch and watched a movie. Then, went to kotaraya and Mydin. We stopped at Jusco Maluri because I’ve been craving to have iced lemon tea at black canyon. Had a nice n delicious Green curry fried rice and seafood salad. The food here are great. My favourite is of course its iced lemon tea. the best iced lemon tea i’ve ever tasted. Went home at 8 p.m

I spent the whole week of school holiday in KL.




2 responses

22 03 2007

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I was wondering who it was in the beginning ,and later found out it is the Miss Chairperson from this evening.

23 03 2007

No,i’m not the chairperson but the miss photographer.

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