Beautiful Pagodas in Japan

27 07 2007

                There are many beautiful pagodas in Japan. They have exquisite structure and balance, that is, superior structural design as well as decorative. Its beauty and sacredness provide a peaceful and spacious atmosphere to visitors. I will explain why they are so beautiful and introduce some of them.

A pagoda has tall shape, it is actually a tall structure. The highest wooden pagoda in Japan is more than 54 meters (178 feet). The rate of from one-third to one-fourth in total height is So-rin. And width of roofs decrease in order from the bottom to the top. This rate of decrease of the width is larger with older pagodas. These high rate of So-rin and decrease of the width of roofs in a pagoda give it stability and ascending lightness (feeling like it heads into the high sky, not just standing on the ground).
The eaves of pagodas are very deep, more than three-fourths of a plane figure (cross section) is the eaves. This particular roofs give not only stability but also structural rhythm. And supporting these deep eaves are structures called Kumimono. They are assembled from many parts and supporting roofs together. They seem not only complicated and decorative, but work structurally very well. In addition, we cannot forget exquisite decorative work on a pagoda. These elements are combined to create beautiful pagodas.




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