The Return

12 01 2009


God… I’ve been away too… long. I almost forgot I have this blog. My other blog is completely erased. I’ve not been blogging for more than a year but busy facebooking ^_^

Guess i’m back to typing nothing in particular. Just my random thoughts, things n all…

Life in 2008 was just too much, yet at the end of the year I ended up well n great. But it was also a great year as I got the chance to travel with my 2 good friends. Exploring Tokyo together taught us a lot about different cultures, people, their way of life and also about our friendship. Experiencing all those new things with close friends were priceless. I’ll always keep the memories in my heart. Hope we’ll go on another trip soon :).

all smiles n having fun ^_^

all smiles n having fun ^_^

2009 is another year of hopes, anticipations n all… I’ll try my best to get through it the best I can. Good Luck to all in living life in 2009 😉




One response

27 01 2009

Enjoyed going on the trip with you guys as well. We should plan for another trip, besides Korea lah..haha

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